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About Pol

A bridge to Middle East

4-5 million Iranians live outside of the borders of Iran. These immigrants need to build a new life in their new homes. They need to feel accepted, understood and loved by their new people. The misrepresentation of Iran by media causes a lot of damage to this process. POL aspires to shift minds away from the negative image of the country toward Iranian culture and people.


I started off with a deep understanding of why this problem has occurred. Why is there a huge gap between these 2 cultures?

Asset 1_5x.png

Why is there

a gap between

these two countries?

10,309 km 

Distance from Tehran to Richmond

510 minutes

Time Difference

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Asset 1_5x.png

How Might We


the Narrative?

There are so many ways that we can address misconceptions.

Bringing more awareness to "How is living in Iran?" through positive exposure and positive experiences.


This can happen through cultural events, food festivals, museum events, houses of culture, and ....

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Pol means bridge in Farsi. Pol tries to bridge between cultures and countries, giving people the platform to represent themselves instead of being presented.


Working with Iranian businesses, Artists, and people POL aspires to bring the community together to design an immersive experience for the American audience.


Shift Showcases

In Shift Showcases I learned about misconceptions people have and what they are interested to know about the culture and the country through survey and interactive questions.

Shift Showcase 1 | Shift Retail Lab

Shift Showcase 2 | Shift Retail Lab

Shift Showcase 3 | Shift Retail Lab

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